Privacy Policy

The policy of NEEDVISA.COM is to preserve and protect the privacy of its international website viewers, and maintain a strict code of confidentiality regarding their personal contact information. The Privacy Policy of the website is subject to conditions mentioned as follows:

To establish our assurance of privacy, we encourage our present and potential users to read this Privacy Statement sensibly prior to using the system.

Our Privacy Policy reveals what data we collect, how we employ it, and how to make it error-free or edit it. Our aim to give users maximum control over their privacy in regard to the information they share. Without the consent of our users, no personal data is given to third parties. However, once you start using our website, we assume you have read and agree to the terms of the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy (NEEDVISA.COM maintains the right to modify and/or expand this statement at any time).

1. Security. NEEDVISA.COM is driven to offer its users security and privacy of highest level. Our technology is compatible with your browser and ensures encryption of all data sent to us. Our security certificate is verified by the Comodo Group (USA), using the best commercially available encryption on the Internet. Users can rely on us to take necessary precautions to guard personal information from misuse, loss, disclosure, alteration or destruction, and unauthorized access by employing policies and techniques to make sure the personal data is kept just for the purposes for which it is collected.

2. Information. We have procedures to guarantee your data is logged precisely and entirely.

  1. Information Collected from/about users is used solely for the purpose of rendering improved services. Data is not shared with third parties except when specifically allowed by the user. Any material provided by you is totally private and is safeguarded from unlicensed usage.

  2. Cookies. NEEDVISA.COM uses cookies to identify its patrons as soon as they visit our website. Therefore, we are able to individually tailor their experience it. Sometimes, users may require to have turned on or enabled cookies in their browser in order to register. However, if your cookies are disabled, you can still navigate the site. Cookies do not store any personal information. All data is kept confidential and is never traded outside of the company. NEEDVISA.COM may show links or advertisement of /to other sites and companies that may also use cookies. In such cases, NEEDVISA.COM is not accountable for any or all data these parties collect through the use of cookies. You are hereby counseled to acquaint yourself with the privacy policies and information sharing standards of these sites as they may be dissimilar from NEEDVISA.COM's policies and standards.

  3. System information. NEEDVISA.COM retains the right to collect and store data such as IP address, operating system type or browser type. The data is kept private and used solely for administration purposes of the system. Such data helps diagnose problems, monitor traffic, and site usage.

  4. Email. NEEDVISA.COM sends email to inform our members or users about modifications regarding the status of the global visa information guide, alterations in the records, on our website, or when new services or features are introduced. As part of the service, NEEDVISA.COM may send notifications via emails carrying info of new products, or development of new features. Our email list is private and never shared or sold to third parties.


3. Disclaimer. Interactions over the Internet as well as applications used to provide services over the Internet are subject to varied security dangers. In no event NEEDVISA.COM shall be liable for any recompenses or losses whatsoever, straight or indirect, incidental or resulting, singular or punitive, arising from or relating to the unauthorized usage, alteration, removal or exposure of any data, private or not, resulting from unlawful hacking into the system or any other breach of security, or system failure. NEEDVISA.COM hereby disclaims all guarantees with regard to the hardware and software used to provide security and support this web site including all implied warranties, fitness for a particular purpose, and incidental, direct, special, or consequential damages. Accordingly, NEEDVISA.COM, its officers and teams, associates, members, holdings, beneficiaries and allocates, and its third-party mediators shall not, directly or indirectly, be accountable, in any way, to you or any other person for any inaccuracies, exploitation, faults, third party interceptions, viruses, or hacker attacks ensuing in loss of data or services including, but not limited to errors or interruptions in the transmission or delivery of services. NEEDVISA.COM contains links to other sites that are provided solely for data requirements and to contribute in finding other Internet resources. Therefore, we are not in charge of the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.


4. Summary. By browsing this site and making use of its services, you completely agree with the terms of our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions. You agree to fulfill the conditions that rule the use of this website and its services and that also oversees all data provided by you and other customers of NEEDVISA.COM. If you disagree to all or any of the terms of our privacy policy, please do not use this site.