Guinea at a glance

Population 12.61 million 2015
GDP $6.699 billion 2015
GDP growth 0.1% 2015
Inflation 9.7% 2014

Visa requirements for Afghanistan Citizen

Visa requirements for Guinean citizens refers to entry restrictions defined by governments of other countries. These restrictions must be followed by all the citizens of Guinea. In 2017, Guinean citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 00 territories and states, making the Guinean passport to be ranked 00 in the world, according to index. There are currently 00 destination countries (territories) globally, but do Guinean citizens need visa to all these states? Check out below the countries that the Guinean citizens can visit and all the documents required for each state. If you are looking for a Guinean Visa, please click on your country flag below for more information on Visa requirements for Guinea.

Admission Refused countries for Guinea Citizens

Visa Required countries for Guinea Citizens