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In today’s time, the world has become a global village and it has become a lot easier to visit various countries all over the world. However, you need to have proper knowledge and information about the whole process of acquiring the visa and the various embassy guidelines which will ensure that you get the proper documentation without much hassle. NEED VISA is one of the most popular websites which offers dependable and trustworthy visa information guidance, up-to-date passport rankings, international visa restraints and regulations, and the addresses of consulates and embassies all around the globe. We incorporate a highly-skilled team of qualified and capable individuals who are quite proficient in negotiations with foreign ministries and website viewers so that they can track any change that ensues. Our website provides in-depth details about the ranking of various countries which is according to the travel freedom that their citizens enjoy. All the information which is available at NEED VISA is trustworthy and dependable as we frequently study the visa regulations of countries all over the world. The Passport index that is displayed on our website ranks every country by the number of other countries that its citizens can travel to without acquiring a visa.

We create the index by doing thorough research and in collaboration with foreign ministries and international travelers. The more advanced version of our country passport index incorporates ongoing communication with foreign ministries. our index is quite diverse and undergoes constant evolution as the website viewers contribute to it by giving their valuable feedbacks and edits that are then proofed by our website team.

How to Read the Index

Our index is quite easy to read and understand. Every country passport is ranked according to the total number of other countries to which their citizens can travel to without a visa.